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Welcome to the eLifeNeeds Web site. Our goal is to help you in real life situations. We specialize in providing solutions in a quick and concise manner - Practical Life Solutions From Practical People.

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Our Services Page discusses the things we do to provide assistance "When life gets to you". It could be: help with your computer; trying to help your schoolage family with homework, when you have forgotten what you learned in the third grade; making a professional looking DVD from your old photos and videos; addressing end of life issues based on proven experiences and results.Our LicationsSM Page (check out our FAQ to find out just what a Lication is) has topics like: High School and your permanent record; College Selection and athletic recruiting; health and mental health issues; and day to day life info.If you have comments or questions about our products or services, or simply need more information and want to contact us, click on the Contact Page and let us know.You can follow us on Twitter by using the shield below. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you.


About Us

eLifeNeeds has been providing quality life skills since our founding. It is our mission to provide simple guidance for many of the things life throws at us. We encourage contributing authors to join us and make your “eLifeNeeds - LicationSM” available to those who will benefit from it.

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Our logo shows how eLifeNeeds, or "eLn" is at the center of everything that happens in your surrounding life.


Executive Team

Our Executive Team

Theresa Filandro has served as eLifeNeeds President and Head Honcho since it’s inception.

Carolyn Filandro has been an eLifeNeeds Contributing Author since it’s inception.

Matthew Filandro in the Web/Graphics Arena since it's inception.

Timothy Filandro head software tester.

Mark Filandro our social media tester.

Rich Filandro serves as the Emeritus Head eLifeCoach.



Thanks Goes To Some Early Advisors

Mike "D" for his sales and business development advice. Jim "M" for his guidance in providing down to earth advice. Ron "P" for his marketing skills. Jim "E" for providing sound business advice based on his own experiences. The "K's" and especially "J" for being steadfast in their motivation. To all the rest of the unamed advisors..




There are several groups of LicationsSM you can choose from:

High School Lications  

 College Selection and Recruiting Lications

Health/Mental Health Lications  

  Birth Until Death Lications



We offer a variety of helpful products and services that represent the very best in life tools.  Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.

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This page allows you to help folks with more needs than means. eLifeNeeds.com will process your contribution to any of these well deserving efforts.

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Q. Do I have to use PayPal to purchase your services and products?

A. No. We can arrange other payment methods like check, money order, credit card or cash. Using PayPal gives you protection when purchasing so do consider it. When you make your FREE PayPal account you can select one or more credit cards to use. Contact us for information on how to use other payment methods.

Q. Can't I just mail my pictures and movies to you in one step instead of sending an email first, waiting for your reply and then purchase using the PayPal button?

A. Sure! The first time you use our service we would like you to send us the email as described. Once you do that the first time, go ahead and send the rest along. We will let you know which of our centers (based on your location) to send your pictures and movies during the first purchase and you can just continue to send them to the same location and then just use the PayPal button. Of course you can always send us any special requests or instructions. We can also arrange special courier services, with additional cost, if needed.

Q. Can I email pictures and movies to you?

A. You can try but generally email sizes are limited by your ISP. We can help you use a service like youSENDitTM which can help in sending larger files electronically.

Q. I don't see a service I need - can you help with that too?

A. In general yes. Many of our services involve one-on-one interactions so we can usually handle your needs - just contact us and let us know what you need. 

Q. What is an eLifeneeds - LicationSM?

A. It is a "somewhat" tangible chunk of the internet cloud that eLifeNeeds.com lives in. It could be a web page reading, a movie or a thought you might have after touching it. Not happy with that! How about this. In the old days this would have been called a "publication" and it meant some printed thing you could hold in your hand like a book or a newspaper. In the digital age it is a "publication" of content from this website, in your chosen output: PDF file, eBook and yes we also do the traditional printed piece.

Q. Are you serious about your digital media protection?

A. We sure are. Just take a look at your favorite search engine and type in "DRM" and you should get around 18 million results. Some of it is very interesting reading but let us just say that there are probably billions of dollars in this arena - much of it involving law suits. Our content is copyrighted and we will enforce our rights and those of our authors so instead just become part of the team as discussed on the LicationsSM page.

Q. Will you really come to me for Doula services?

A. You bet we will but there is a cost for that service that is higher than email or phone calls. Much of what needs to be done is performed on your behalf without being at your location but our folks have been there at the actual event as well.

Q. What kind of video can I send for your Video to DVD service?

A. We take most forms but currently have no method to do anything with Beta Max tapes. We can take the older VHS, full size tapes all the way through digital movies.

From our satisfied clients

Some nice words from folks we have worked with

I had two precious family video tapes that I wanted your company to convert to DVDs. The result was beautiful and everything was returned to me in perfect condition

- Michael S. Cocco Certified Financial Planner - Beaxon Wealth Partners - Equitable Branch Office

The day we got the bad diagnosis was the worst ever. Your services made it more bearable and you were with us until the end - thank you!!.

- "Jane Doe" Survivor

Your services got me the real story about college recruiting. Your recruiting DVD helped me get on the team and get scholarships - thanks

- Anonymous Big Ten Athlete